Sunday, January 5, 2014

Are Indonesian Young Generation Ready to Face AEC in 2015?

As part of communication department of an organization in my college, I often open this org social media. Like in its facebook, I know whoever who send friend requests, send messages and of course see the notifications of this occount. Someday, someone invites this account to like a page with name (sorry, I forget what). Basically, this page is about Asean Economic Community (AEC), which is set to be implemented in 2015 (next year). While I was astounded to hear about this important issue for the first time, I hear the Thai youngsters had been getting ready for quite some time. Discourses about AEC had been around for quite a while in many universities in Thailand.

Then I looked for this issue to google and got e-book with title “MENUJU ASEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY (AEC) 2015” which is made by Trading Department of Republic of Indonesia. I read that the AEC blueprint of a single-market ASEAN was released in 2007 and since then ASEAN governments as well as the regional leaders have been working to fulfil its requirement. Progress, however, has been slow. It has been six years after the blueprint release but only 77.5% of the targets has been achived and now there is only one year left to complete the remaining 22.5%. This apparent drag has been had negative effect on the confidence of major business leaders in ASEAN in facing the future single market sistem.

How about Indonesia?
In spite of the sufficient coverage about AEC in local Indonesian media, I believe many Indonesian college students and graduates are not aware of this issue. The articles and news on AEC rarely show up in the social media channels I use. Rather in my college (Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa), I never heard this issue being discussed anywhere, even in campus canteens and public place anymore.

Isn’t this an important issue for us, Indonesian young generation, to know? I am afraid that we are too focused on our own private agendas and the presidential election hullabaloos that we fail to see the major change ahead of us.

Although Indonesia will not be a favorite place to work due to lack of public infrastructure and the relatively low wage, still a new nature of competition is inevitable. As ASEAN officially becomes a single market in early 2015, the labour market in each ASEAN country will be more crowded and may require much higher qualifications, especially in multinational companies (MNCs), where English proficiency and regional (net)working experience will soon become a must.

In my opinion, public awareness regarding this issue has to be taken more seriously. If we do not have a firm stance to face the soon-to-be-opened dam, we can be brought away by the stream and drowned. The urgency of this matter should not be limited by the local media’s lack of interest to make it their headline—as the political drama of 2014 election seems more appealing to the news readers. Thus, everybody should start talking about this, especially the Indonesian young generation, who have a big stake on the matter. We can make use of our social media channels to deliberately spread the urgency as most of us use have already been using them liberally.

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