Friday, March 8, 2013

New Projects, New Spirit !! :D

Hello, happy come back here with me @cit_mayZ :D

In this post, I wanna try to use fulling English :) altough my English is still very bad [AHAHA]. So, if you find a bunch of mistakes with this write, I’m—as responder—ask your big pardon :D

As I’d ever told to you all right here that now I’m be an organize division of EDC (English Debating Club) in Untirta. So, I have projects which must be worked. In near time, we have to write an ..... (seriously, I don’t know yet what’s that in English! And pity that’s also not found in my dictionary! Lol) exactly, it’s such as mini megazine which will content some things about EDC, English Article, English Tips, yeah anything about and using English of course, because we’re English Club, right?? And we project that it will be shared for other organizations and students of Untirta, at least on next month = April ! woo-hoo that’s my born month, actually :D who cares, mae?! lol

Ok, back to main idea that I must finish it with my team. And fortunately, here I’m one team with pleased ones who really interesting, funny, many talks (I also can develop my english speaking here or at least my communcation skills :) #FYI : I usually shy to speak up what I mind in other people who don’t close with me, so usually it’s hard just to make satisfy conversation with me, except some poeple only -,-

There’re Debora, Eni, Siska, Ara, Ira, Rurry, Sosa, Nila, and many others in our team. Thank God for everything You’ve given, include they.. :D

Haha. Did you know? What I said above had written last nite XD and now I know what’s I mean “mini magz” there :D that’s such a bulletin in English... AHAHA I just knew that “Buletin” in Bahasa Indonesia is come from “Bulletin” in English :D (ssst, I just used Google Translate actually, LoL XD). That’s our new challenge :: make a EDC Bulletin !  :)

Today is March, 8th 2013 and we will atend a meeting in D Building of Untirta at 04.00 PM.. to discuss some things, such this project (of course), writting seminar in beginning April, and many others. It’s little lazy and tiring of course, moreover I don’t have study class today o.O”  but I have passion in this one so I just feel enjoy and happy to do all thing here! In @EDC_UNTIRTA :)

So, keep spirit for me :D

Keep spirit to all members of EDC :D

Keep on trying and never give up to members of EDC who will be following ALSA UI and Atma Jaya Intervarsity 2013 :D

Hope, I can follow debate competition in the next day :D aamiin


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